Today, a ceremonial subsidization of old crafts and a small economy fair was held in Kumanovo, organized by the Regional Chamber of Crafts and the Kumanovo Development Foundation. Subsidizing old crafts is an investment in expertise and innovation, but at the same time it also supports the development of craft activities and preservation. of the uniqueness, skill and expertise in the production of high-quality and authentic products. It is precisely through events of this type that we surely raise awareness of the importance of old crafts in everyday life and in a system where nowadays it is becoming more and more important to highlight the importance of old crafts and craftsmen and to we emphasize the contribution they have to society and the economy at the macro and micro level through their skills. At the event, subsidies were awarded to representatives of old traditional crafts, certificates of appreciation and plaques by the president of ZKRSM Mr. Agron Fazliji and the mayor of the municipality of Kumanovo Mr. Maxim Dimitrievski. The Chamber of Crafts of RSM as a community of fighters for the rights and interests of artisans, but also spokespersons for the challenges they face, will continue to initiate and subsidize the old crafts and hold such fairs in the other cities of RSM in cooperation with local authorities and regional chambers of commerce