The Chamber of Crafts of the Republic of North Macedonia is responsible for the following:

Achieving common social and economic interests of artisans;
Representing the interests of its members before state institutions when drafting legislation;
Submitting proposals and opinions on certain legal solutions in the field of crafts to the relevant authorities of the Republic of North Macedonia;
Developing and promoting handicrafts on the domestic and international market;
Introducing a single information system for business operations and other information needed for the development of the craft;.
Strengthening and development of cooperation with the same or similar foreign associations dedicated to the promotion and marketing of national crafts at fairs, exhibitions and similar events in and outside the country;
Introduction of curricula for training, requalification and additional training within the training centers;
Adapting the curricula for the assessment of professional skills and taking the master’s exam;
Determination of the form and content of the master’s exam passing certificate;
Resolution of disputes between its members.